Support & Services

Max Electronics (India) recognises that support and service for the customer after delivery of the machine is more important than anything that precedes it and in the long term, will dictate the success and reputation of a Company – that is why almost 30% of all the staff at Max Electronics (India) are dedicated to service and technical support. We also provide online email support to our clients under the warranty period. Top quality components from major international companies are used and the machines are delivered with the Max guarantee. We repair all the instruments we make at a nominal price after the warranty period. To provide the best service to our customer ME (Max Electronics (India) is doing its level best.

Ongoing support is available via Telephone/Fax/Email and Personal Contact. We are soon going to add a Frequently asked questions to our site. This will help address the general questions. We are soon going to give an online operating tutorial which will help in solving the operational problems. The Service Department is headed up by a key person who has substantial experience in servicing and supporting clients. We also provide help about the various chemicals and other things used along with our products in case desired by the client.

Max Electronics (India) is committed to provide Best-Quality & Cost-Effective products and services worldwide. Products are developed under the view of making one’s life easy and smart by customizing to your needs. So its a true/natural understanding between you and your smart ME products. Our vision is to empower people through user friendly products which is ready to serve your needs any time, any place and on any device. ME strives to produce innovative products and services meeting customers’ evolving ideas. At the same time, we do understand that great is the idea but product developed with such idea under the above stated conditions is greater which leads us to develop a long term relationship. We design instruments as per your specifications for bulk orders. We can make alterations in instruments with your specification if you are ready to pay the development costs.

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