Microprocessor Digital Flame photometer ME-82

ME-82: Microprocessor Digital Flame photometer with Na & K Filters. Direct read out in ppm & meq\l . Auto ignition 16×2 lines LCD display single aspiration and dual reading display . It is supplied with compressor and other accessories for laboratory and medical use.

General Range Serum Range Urine Range
Na: 0-100 ppm Up to 250 meq/l
l:100 dil
0-200 meq/l
l:100 dil
0-250 meq/l
l:100 dil
K: 0-100 ppm Up to 250 meq/l
l:100 dil
0-10 meq/l
l:100 dil
0-100 meq/l
l:100 dil
Li: 0-100 ppm Up to 250 meq/l
l:100 dil
0-2 meq/l
Ca: 0-100 ppm Up to 250 meq/l
l:100 dil
—— 0-10 meq/l
l:2 dil
Sensitivity General mode: Na: 2 ppm , K: 1 ppm, Li: 1 ppm , Ca: 30 ppm
Filters Na & K Supplied (Ca & Li are optional at extra cost )
Resolution 0.1 ppm/meq
Reproducibility ±2% FS ±2 digits
Curve fit accuracy ±2% of FS
Display 20×4 character Alphanumeric LCD display
Average Time In-Built in Software
Flame System LPG and dry oil free air
Detector Photodiode
Calibration Up to 5 points calibration with curve fitting software
Gas Control Adjustable with knob
Ignition System Auto Ignition
Combustion gas LPG
Atomizer Axial Flow type
Printer Provision for Attachment of printer
RS-232 Interface Available (PC software at extra cost)
Air Compressor With Built-in Regular to deliver stable and moisture/oil free air supply.
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